No, your pre-approval offer is valid at all dealerships. Simply fill out our online application and you will be contacted regarding your pre-approval offer.

Auto loans are loans taken out to purchase an automobile. With an auto loan your monthly payments are going towards the purchase price of the vehicle, plus interest. This differs from a lease, with a lease your monthly payments are based on the depreciation of the vehicle.

No, submitting an application through our website will not affect your credit score in any way.

Click the "Apply Now" tab on our website and fill out the fast, easy, and secure application. Upon submission of your application you will be contacted with results and next steps. We have streamlined the process of getting an auto loan, making it a seamless process for our customers.

In order to save the most money it's important that you begin planning for your auto loan before you even begin to look at vehicles. With All Direct we can pre-qualify you for a loan amount, once you know your pre-qualification amount you can purchase a vehicle up to that determined loan amount.

Yes, the application on All Direct Lending is secure. All Direct Lending uses SSL technology which ensures that all information transmitted between your browser and the web server stays encrypted.